Travel Medicine Clinic

CDC/ James Gathany

Are you planning a trip to an area where there is a risk for travel associated illnesses?  Our Infectious Disease Specialists can help you return in good health.

There are many potential hazards that the traveler faces when journeying to areas outside of the U.S.A., Canada and Western Europe.  Certain infections can be prevented with the appropriate use of vaccines or medicines.  The risk of other problems such as altitude sickness, jet lag, and food-borne illness may also be greatly reduced with the right advice and prophylactic measures. In some countries vaccination may be required just for entry!

Each and every traveler will be evaluated, interviewed, and treated by a Board Certified Infectious Diseases Physician and can be seen within a day or two to get you on your way safely. Ideally, we do advise an appointment about 4 to 6 weeks prior to departure.

But when circumstances dictate the need to leave on short notice, a pre-travel visit is still required.  We will supply you with official documentation of your vaccinations (” Yellow Card”) and literature outlining needed precautions and places to get medical help when abroad.