Infusion Services

InfusionCenter2 Delaware Valley I. D. Associates provides outpatient IV antibiotic infusions to patients through our Outpatient Infusion Center (OIC).

To ensure quality of care, our OIC is staffed by eight Board Certified Infectious Diseases Physicians and a highly skilled clinical team of Registered Nurses and Pharmacists that specialize in infusion therapy.   We have a Registered Nurse, Registered Pharmacist, and an I.D. Physician on call 24 hours a day to promptly address all of our patients’ needs.

The OIC allows us to provide immediate care to patients upon hospital discharge, ensure they continue to receive their prescribed treatment, monitor their therapy to completion, reduce length of stay, and prevent re-hospitalization.

InfusionCenterIn many cases, we may be able to avoid hospitalization altogether. Many episodes of cellulitis, diabetic foot infections, osteomyelitis, resistant urinary tract infections, sinopulmonary infections, postoperative wound infections, etc. can easily be managed in the outpatient setting.

Each patient’s care plan and antibiotic therapy are directly overseen and monitored by our physicians. This dramatically improves patient outcomes.

Most patients with commercial insurance can be infused at home and assessed weekly in our office.  Since Medicare may not cover home infusions, these patients can avoid hospitalization and/or skilled nursing facilities with a daily visit to our OIC.